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Puntland third state to Conclude Parliamentary Elections

GAROWE (SD) – In Garowe, the capital of Puntland State of Somalia, six members of parliament have been elected today, bring an end to elections in Puntland.

Puntland has 37 members in the Somali parliament, 16 of whom are elected from Bossaso, while 21 are elected in Garowe, the capital of Nugal region.

Five of the members elected in Garowe today are new parliamentarians, while the sixth member, Sadia Yassin Samatar, defended her seat.

HOP seat # 073 was contested by two candidates Eng. Mohamed Abdullahi Keyse and Abdullahi Abdi Jama who received their Certificate of Candidacy for this seat yesterday, with Eng. Mohamed Abdullahi Keyse wining the seat after Abdullahi Abdi Jama forfeited.

Mudug Governor Abdilatif Muse Nur Sanyare wins # HOP199 by show of hands after Lul Abshir dropped out. This seat was previously occupied by Hawa Yusuf Ahmed.

Director of the Puntland Ministry of Civil Aviation Osman Ali Yusuf won HOP # 198 with 97 votes, contested by Abdirahman Isse Mohamed. Saleban Mohamud Hashi previously held that seat.

Lawmaker Sadia Yassin Haji Samatar wins re-election to HOP # 129. Eng. Abdihakin Mohamed Jama wins HOP # 191 Vote, and Abdirizak Hassan Ahmed, a senior officer in the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) won HOP # 221.

Somalia’s 11th parliamentary elections have been postponed several times and are now nearing completion

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