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Puntland threatens secession over election dispute

Garowe (SD) – Puntland has today threatened to secede from the Somali Republic, following a long-running dispute with the federal government, which has fueled election tensions.

Puntland’s Minister of Finance, Hassan Shire Abgal, speaking at a meeting in Garowe, the capital of Puntland, said that Puntland would never accept anything less than a federal government of Somalia.

Hassan Abgal argued that some provisions of the Puntland constitution give it the right to secede from Somalia if the country gives up on a federal system of government, which he said allows power sharing.

He also stressed that in the absence of a federal government that respects the country’s agreements and constitution, they have the right to secede, possibly following Somaliland.

The minister said that Puntland wants strong regional governments and a central government, but does not want one person rule, which will lead to further destruction of the country.

Puntland threatens to secede whenever they and the Somali central government clash over power sharing.

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