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Puntland traditional elders propose axed PSF commander stay, DP World be gone

BOSSASO (SD) – Some Puntland traditional leaders have tonight issued final decisions in resolving the conflict in Bossaso between Puntland forces and the PSF forces led by a dismissed commander, refusing to step down.

Puntland leaders, in a statement called on the Puntland regional government to withdraw from the agreement with DP World, which operates the port of Bossaso.

The Puntland elders also decided that Mohamud Osman Abdillahi (Diyano) should remain as the commander of the PSF, dismissing the presidential order that removed him from office.

The traditional leaders proposed a reconciliation between the President of Puntland, PSF officials and senior military leaders in Bossaso.

The decision by the traditional leaders comes at a time when former Puntland presidents Abdiweli Gaas and Abdirahman Farole, as well as former PM of Somalia Omar Abdirashid are in Bossaso, working on solutions to the conflict.

Bossaso has recently been the scene of clashes between government forces and supporters of the former PSF director.

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