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Somaliland President set to travel to the US for first time

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Isse Kayd Mohamud said that President Bihi will travel to the United States in March this year.

Minister Kayd, who was briefing the Somaliland House of Representatives on his recent visits to the US, Canada and UK, said that a visit by the President of Somaliland to the United States had been arranged.

The minister said the visit follows a visit by a delegation from the US Congressional staff to Somaliland.

“After my trip, a US delegation arrived in Hargeisa, and the president and I will have a meeting with the Heritage Foundation.” Dr. Isse told the Somaliland House of Representatives.

Adding “This will pave the way for the president’s planned trip to the United States in March.”
The relationship between Somaliland and the United States, many political analysts believe, could turn into a beneficial one.
There are reports that some members of the US Congress are pushing for the United States to establish an independent security relationship with Somaliland.

There have been reports in the international media and in recent months that Somaliland’s renewed relations with the United States could help deter China from further expanding its presence in Africa.

President Bihi’s announced trip to the US comes at a time when the country is in a renewed political turmoil with opposition Parties accusing the president on insisting starting registration of new political association ahead of time and Presidential elections.

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