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Puntland: Traditional Leaders meet and discuss election concerns

Garowe (SD) -Traditional leaders in Puntland held meetings in Bossaso and Garowe today, the leaders reportedly discussed the ongoing political conflict related to electoral matters between the President of Puntland and opposition politicians.

The meeting in Garowe was chaired by King Burhan King Muse, and it aimed to find a political solution to the current political impasse in Puntland so that Puntland’s elections could take place as scheduled.

Traditional leaders from the Bari region, who convened in the city of Bossaso, also discussed the political situation in Puntland. They accused President Said Abdullahi Deni of playing divisive politics in Puntland.

Some of the traditional elders from the Bari region, who attended the meeting in Bossaso, highlighted the importance of maintaining peace in Puntland and finding a solution to the electoral issues.

In recent weeks, there has been political tension in Puntland, with clashes occurring in various parts of Puntland between opposition politicians and the President’s suppoerters, leading to concerns about the upcoming elections.

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