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Somalia: Federal and Member States discuss Health

Dhusamareeb (SD) – The fifth National Health Sector Meeting of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Health Ministries of the Federal Member States took place in the city of Dhusamareeb, the capital of Galmudug State.

This significant meeting, which will last for a period of two weeks, involves representatives from both Federal and Federal Member State health ministries and focuses on the development of the country’s overall healthcare sector.

The meeting was attended by the President of Galmudug State, H.E. Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoorqoor, the Minister of Health and Social Services of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Dr. Ali Haji Adan, along with various other health officials from both the Federal Government and the Federal Member States.

Participants in the meeting include the Minister of Health of the Federal Government, the Director-General of the Ministry of Health, State Health Ministers, health sector experts, and officials involved in healthcare.

The ongoing conference will address various critical issues that were previously discussed in meetings held in Puntland, Jubaland, and Banadir, which were related to improving healthcare and enhancing the transformation of the healthcare system and community support.

Additionally, the conference will also focus on strengthening the coordination of healthcare efforts between the health ministries of the Federal Member States and resolving previous issues that hindered the implementation of state-level healthcare programs.

President Ahmed Abdi Kariye expressed his commitment to healthcare development, aiming to provide comprehensive healthcare services to all Somalis. He also emphasized the importance of continuing the previous efforts to improve healthcare in Somalia.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Haji Adan, mentioned that the Federal Ministry of Health will collaborate with the Health Ministries of the Federal Member States, as the Somali public relies on healthcare services.

Furthermore, the government plans to initiate healthcare projects in the Federal Member States to ensure that Somali citizens receive better healthcare services.

The Ministry of Health will also reinforce its previous initiatives for healthcare development and will enhance cooperation in line with national health strategies.

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