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Puntland Vice President suspends ministers involved in Bossaso violence

GAROOWE (SD) – Puntland Vice President Ahmed Karash has suspended two ministers of the administration for allegedly obstructing the aid provided by deputy speaker Sadia Yasin Haji.

A statement from Ahmed Karash’s office said that Minister Hussein Osman Lugatoor and Puntland Ports Minister Ahmed Yasin Salah had been suspended accused of their involvement in a deadly violence at Bossaso airport yesterday.

The move is believed to have exacerbated tensions in Bossaso, with yesterday’s violence that killed 13 soldiers and three civilians, while injuring many more.

It is not known whether President Deni will accept Karash’s decision, as there is a long lingering disagreement between the two officials.

Puntland President Said Deni, who is visiting the United Arab Emirates, is expected to cut his trip short, with presidential sources indicating that Deni is expected to return before Friday.

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