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Puntland Vice-President visits Las Anod

The Vice President of Puntland, Ahmed Elmi Ismail (Karash), today visited Las Anod in Sool region, following the recent explosion of Somaliland forces from the region.

The Vice President of Puntland received a warm welcome in Las Anod. The main streets of Las Anod were decorated, and the people turned out in large numbers to greet Mr. Ahmed Elmi Ismail (Karash).

Ahmed Karash’s visit comes after the withdrawal of Somaliland forces from SSC-Khatumo areas, including the capital, and other towns. His visit holds special significance as he took part in the campaign against President Muse Bihi’s administration in Sool.

Ahmed Karash’s journey will include a visit to the city of Gumeys, located about 80km west of Las Anod, where SSC-Khatumo forces are stationed after they successfully repelled the advances of Somaliland forces.

Ahmed Elmi Ismail was previously a key figure in the establishment of the Khatumo administration back in 2012 and he was elected as its Vice-President.

The withdrawal of Somaliland forces marked a turning point in the region, in which Ahmed Karash was instrumental from the beginning to the end.

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