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President Hassan Sheikh addresses the battle of Osweyne, and sent the message to the army

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, currently in Dhusamareeb overseeing the leadership of the battle against Al-Shabaab, sent a message to the national army and regional forces, fighting Al-Shabaab militants in central Somalia.

Hassan Sheikh praised the troops for commencing the battle by recapturing significant areas spanning hundreds of kilometers previously lost. He noted that Al-Shabaab has been weakened over the past few days and is losing its hold, while also highlighting the recent achievements that have been made.

He discussed the recent battle that took place in the Osweyne region of Galgaduud province, where Al-Shabaab sustained significant casualties due to well-coordinated attacks. He mentioned that around 190 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in that battle, and they were buried in mass graves. He also expressed his confidence that the government will continue to pursue the remaining Al-Shabaab elements.

President Hassan Sheikh emphasized the accountability of those given government responsibilities who have either misused their power or failed to take effective action. He mentioned, “Those who are working to undermine the military’s progress are undoubtedly Shabaab,” according to President Hassan Sheikh.

Furthermore, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud highlighted that the government is determined to eliminate the Khawarij activities.

The President called on the Somali people to unite in the fight against Al-Shabaab, urging the army and police to intensify their efforts and commitment to defeat the extremist group, aiming to bring stability back to the country.

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