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Puntland’s Deni agrees to smoke peace pipe with Galmudug leader

MOGADISHU (SD) – Puntland state President Saed Abdullahi Deni, who bitterly opposed to the outgoing Somali President Mohamed Farmajo, has held meeting with Ahmed Abdi Qoorqoor, the leader of Galmudug state on the sideline of the ongoing FGS-FMS forum in Mogadishu.

According to sources close to the meeting between the leaders, the senators from both states have brokered talks which took place on Monday night in a hotel within the precincts of Aden Adde Airport.

“Following hours of intense talks, the two leaders agreed to iron out their differences. Henceforth, we expect both leaders to work on ways to break the current political deadlock in order the country to host the delayed elections,” one of the senators who declined to be named told a local media in Mogadishu.

The relations between the leaders soared after Qoorqoor who is allied to Villa Somalia and Deni who is pro-opposition differed political views.

Meanwhile, Mogadishu is hosting a meeting between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the presidents of South West, Galmudug and HirShabelle at the airforce hangar within Aden Adde Airport.

Banaadir Regional Administration Governor Omar Filish also attended the talks. The four leaders enjoy cordial political relations with Farmaajo.

Jubbaland and Puntland have skipped the two-day ongoing electoral talks dampening hopes of an electoral deal.

The Farmajo and the Jubbaland-Puntland axis differed over the agenda of the meeting in addition to already fragile relations following the formation of the National Salvation Forum.

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