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Puntland’s Opposition Umbrella warn Commanders of electioneering

Garowe (SD) -The opposition in Puntland issued a press release today in which they accused President Said Deni of inciting a new conflict, as to extend his term in office.

The opposition alleges that President Deni met with Puntland military commanders and insisted that they defend his extension agenda. They claim that this move could have severe consequences, and they expressed concern about the President’s actions.

The press release from the opposition called on the military and their leaders to uphold the rule of law and stated that Puntland should not descend into chaos and anarchy.

President Deni had recently stated that he is committed to conducting free and fair elections for the people and urged the military to defend the electoral process.

Deni also urged the military to remain neutral and not interfere with the decisions made by the Electoral Commission regarding the elections scheduled for February 25, 2024.

The election dispute between Deni and the opposition is a cause for concern, as it has the potential to fuel political tensions, and both sides have yet to reach a compromise.

Meanwhile, there is a scheduled meeting in Garowe involving some of the region’s traditional leaders, but so far made no significant headway. However, resolving the Puntland leadership crisis remains a pressing issue.

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