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Somalia: Feds accuse Al Shabab of financing tribal wars

MOGADISHO (SD) -The Federal Government of Somalia has accused the Al-Shabaab group of exacerbating inter-clan conflicts in some regions of the country.

The Minister of Defense of Somalia stated that Al-Shabaab is providing substantial financial support to instigate inter-clan conflicts in areas previously controlled by the group. He pointed out that the group is benefiting from these conflicts as they use them to distract from the ongoing fighting against them.

Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur Jama also called on the Somali people to be vigilant against the conflict Al-Shabaab is trying to incite between brotherly clans.

“Al-Shabaab has devised plans to provide money to these clans, as they have been promised, to ignite conflicts among them. They aim to keep the conflict going,” said the Minister of Defense.

The statement by the Minister of Defense of Somalia comes amid inter-clan fighting in parts of the Middle Shabelle region, which has resulted in significant casualties, injuries, displacement, and destruction.

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