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Regional administrations gain more power in new electoral process

Mogadishu (SD) – The National Assembly consultation between federal and state authorities, concluded this afternoon in Mogadishu, with agreement reached on the country’s election process.

The agreement reveals that the National Assembly consultation, took over the election process of the members of parliament.

The election of members of parliament, in accordance with previous agreements and procedures recently issued by the Federal Electoral Commission, stated that the power to elect members of parliament rested with the tribes that held the seat.

” Quorum of voting delegates is valid only if at least two-thirds of the delegates.” said the agreement.

The article further states that 67 of the 101 members of the delegation can elect a member of parliament, excluding the other 34.

“”In order to ensure the security and safety of the delegates, the list of delegates in each seat will be checked by the security sub-committee of the state election commission, in order to prevent terrorist intervention, they will check with criminal investigation and electoral instability authorities.” Said the new agreement.

The National Consultative Assembly also agreed that the members of the Upper House of Somaliland should elect 46 members, 23 from the traditional elders of the Northern regions, and 23 from different sections of the society, in line with the 2016 election process.

They also agreed that the list of candidates for the Lower House of the Northern Regions should be submitted by Mahdi Guled and Abdi Hashi, and will be verified by Prime Minister Roble.

These new provisions minimize the role of the Federal Electoral Implementation Commission (FIET) and transferred it to the State Level Commissions appointed by the Presidents of the State Governments.

The powers of the Commission remain only to oversee, determine the administration of the Electoral Budget and only to legislate and certify the Members of Parliament.

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