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Relatives of a young woman killed in Mogadishu say she was “raped before the killing”

Mogadishu (SD) – The family of a woman who was allegedly raped and then thrown from a high-rise in Waberi district and died in the attack has called on the government to arrest the perpetrators.

The victim was one of this year’s high school graduates, and her parents have confirmed the killing to the media.

The deceased was identified as a 20 year old Hamdi Mohamed Farah, a resident of Radar neighborhood in Daynile district.

Some of the girl’s relatives, who spoke to local media, demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice, saying it had been confirmed that she was first raped then was thrown from the high rise.

Somalia has seen an increase in the number of rapes and killings of women in recent years, increasing fear among young ladies and their families living in Somalia.

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