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Residents say people who died of COVID-19 have been burned in their neighborhood

Hargeisa (SD) – Residents in northern Hargeisa, Somaliland, have strongly criticized the COVID-19 prevention and control committee, and accused them of burning the bodies of foreigners who died of Coronavirus in a large valley there.

A number of local elders and women who spoke to Bulsho TV said they now face a serious health threat, as remnants of the burned bodies are still appearing in the middle of the valley.

It is not known exactly who the bodies burned were, nor is it known what their nationalities were.

This could be problematic for the country’s COVID-19 prevention and control committee if it is proven to have received funds for burning unknown number of individuals.

The Somaliland Ministry of Health has so far not responded to the complaints of the local residents who say they have heard thousands of dollars were being negotiated to burn the unidentified bodies.

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