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Roble oversees the reopening of Mogadishu roads

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s caretaker Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has today inspected the reopening of roads that were blocked by anti-government forces and government forces.

The reopened areas where the anti-government forces were stationed at Siigaale, Bermuda and Mirinaya areas.

Bulldozers were seen taking part in the reopening of the roads were defensive trenches were dug by the forces opposed the government extension.

Prime Minister Roble welcomed back the Police to the opened Roads, with the presence of the Chief of Police.

The technical committee tasked with resolving the crisis in Mogadishu was also part of the road reopening process.

An agreement reached yesterday about Mogadishu’s security has come into effect today., with the anti-government troops expected to be evacuated from the capital by night.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Chief of Police, Ministers, MPs and other government members.

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