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Sacked Puntland MPs oppose taking their case to the Supreme Court

Garowe (SD) – Eight members of the Puntland parliament who lost their immunity on last Thursday spoke to the media today in Garowe, the capital of Puntland.

The sacked Puntland lawmakers have objected to having their case heard by the Supreme Court, and demanded an investigation on the legality of the process of lifting their immunity.

The Puntland Supreme Court set December the 10th for the hearing the sacked Lawmaker’s case yesterday, but the lawmakers denied that they had filed a complaint with the Supreme Court.

They added that the Puntland Attorney General was supposed to represent them but hired their own lawyers to defend them in the case brought by Puntland Government.

The lawmaker claimed they were still lawmakers despite been fired illegally by the Puntland parliament, accusing the government of being behind the move.

The sacked lawmakers were Mohamud Mohamed Barre, Abdiaziz Said Mohamud (Baduugaye), Mohamud Ahmed Alin, Abdi Jamal Osman Mohamed, Saleban Farah Isse, Abdiqani Abshir Jama (Surato) and Muse Said Hassan (Jajabsay).

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