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Security forces in Mogadishu conduct search operations

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Waliyow Adde Police Command and the National Intelligence Service (NISA) conducted a security operation at checkpoints last night, the checkpoints are at the intersection of Awa Idko, Bar-Ubah, Bakaro, Black sea and Shaqalaha intersections in Mogadishu.

The deputy commander of Waliyow Adde division Colonel Isaaq Mohamed Isse, told the media that the troops are preparing to secure Mogadishu as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

“As the holy month of Ramadan approaches we are taking all measures to prepare for security, we want the citizens to fast and do their acts of worship in peace. With the help of all the security forces and NISA, we are prepared to carry out search operations in mostly public and crowded areas.” said the deputy commander.

On the other hand, the neighborhoods of Mogadishu have been witnessing an increase in the number of armed robbers with assailants taking people’s mobile phones and other personal belongings. However, police commander Najib Abdi in Howlwadag District , which is also included in the operation, called on the public to remain calm as they continue the security operations.

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