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Security forces take control of Puntland Parliament

GAROWE (SD) -Security forces, including members of the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF), reportedly took control of the Parliament Headquarters in Garowe last night.

Reports suggest that heavily armed forces from PMPF sealed off the area and took complete control of the Parliament building in a midnight operation.

Sources indicate that Puntland President Said Deni had given orders for the security forces to take over the Parliament’s security.

Some reports suggest that the takeover was part of a plan to have the Parliament cooperate with the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee in Puntland. This move came after a deadlock emerged following a dispute between President Deni and the Parliament, over electoral issues, leading to a political crisis.

On another note, opposition politicians in Puntland have rejected the recently formed Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee appointed by President Said Abdullahi Deni, whose term is set to expire Jan 2023. Opposition figures convened a meeting, expressing their commitment to resolving disputes through legal means and calling for transparent and fair elections.

It appears that political tensions and disagreements continue to escalate in Puntland, with different factions expressing their views and concerns about the electoral process and governance.

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