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Senior al-Shabaab commander killed in SNA operation

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali security forces have killed an al-Shabaab senior commander and several of his bodyguards in security operation in southern Somalia, a military official confirmed Saturday.

Speaking to the media, Hassan Mohamed Osman, the commander of 16th Brigade of Danab said a covert operation took place in Aliow-Borow village of Lower Shabelle region.

“Our forces killed several al-Shabaab militants including high rank militant commander in security operation. The operation was successful as planned. Al-Shabaab was defeated and was inflicted heavy casualties,” said Hassan Mohamed Osman, the commander of 16th Brigade of Danab.

According to Osman, the forces recovered weapons and medical kits from al-Shabaab base in the village.

Al-Shabaab militant group has yet commented on the claims by Somali military.

The development comes two days after more than 11 al-Shabaab fighters were killed in a joint operation in Lower Jubba region.

In recent month, SNA forces stepped up operation against al-Shabaab fighters in central and southern Somalia.

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