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Galmudug and Federal Government forces launch an offensive in Mudug

Galkayo (SD) – The Somali National Army (SNA) in collaboration with Galmudug forces conducted a major operation in several areas in the south of Mudug region where Al-Shabaab terrorists are said to be hiding.

Galmudug’s Ministry of Internal Security said in a statement that the national army is advancing on the town of Amara destroying the terrorist group’s defenses along the roads in Amara and Ba’adweyn areas of Mudug region.

Galmudug security forces and the national army have this morning launched a major operation in various areas under the control of Al-Shabaab terrorist group.” Said Galmudug.

The Galmudug Ministry of Internal Security also said that the operation by the national and Galmudug forces against Al-Shabaab will continue until the few remaining areas are liberated.

A statement from the Galmudug Ministry of Security added, “The allied national and Galmudug state forces that have been besieging in the past few hours a terrorist group consisting of about 60 militias are expected to surrender to the allied forces or They will face defeat.”

So far there are no independent sources confirming Galmudug’s claims on the operations.

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