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Seven Kenyan soldiers killed in southern Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) – At least Seven soldiers working have been killed and over a dozen others wounded after heavy armed al-Shabaab fighters ambushed African Union Mission In Somalia (Amisom) convoy in southern Somalia.

According to Somali military officials, the convoy carrying Kenyan military personnel was attacked in an area between Raskamboni and Kulbiyow towns of Lower Jubba region, prompting an hour long fighting with the militants.

Kenyan government has not yet commented on the attack on its soldiers in southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab militant group has claimed responsibility for an attack on the KDF convoy on Saturday evening, sating its fighters killed more than seven soldiers.

The area of the ambush is not far from Kulbiyow town where armed militants killed more than 70 of Kenyan troops in an attack on their military base in early 2017.

The militants also took over the base and made away military equipment, making the attack second deadliest attack on Kenyan forces since 2011.

In 2016, More than 100 Kenyan soldiers were killed during the attack on El Adde for which the militant group claimed responsibility.

The militants also capture about 30 soldiers alive.

Kenya had sent its troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight al-Shabaab following several attacks in Kenya’s coastal region allegedly conducted by the terror group.

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