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Somalia: Upper House election postponed for third time

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Upper House elections slated for today by the Federal Electoral Commission have been postponed for the third time.

The delay is reportedly due to lack of preparation and reluctance of the regional administrations, with some regional administrations just starting to submit the list of candidates to their state Electoral Commissions.

The chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) Mohamed Hassan Irro is in Kismayo to expedite the Upper House elections in that state.

Jubaland administration was to be the test, but President Madobe is yet to submit the list of candidates to the Jubaland Electoral Commission.

On The other hand, the international community will only release election funds after the upper house elections, while the regional administrations and their electoral committees need funding for the Upper House elections.

All of this further obscures the long-awaited Somalia’s 2020/2021 Federal Indirect Elections.

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