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Several UK MPs hail move to recognise Somaliland

HARGEISA (SD) – Several UK lawmakers including  Stephen Doughty, Tom Tugendhat and Zac Goldsmith, James Carver, a former member of the European Parliament and members of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) have welcomed the debate in the British Parliament on Somaliland’s recognition.

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament said he supported MP Gavin Williamson’s proposal for recognition of Somaliland. 

“This is an important debate. We will support Gavin Williamson’s proposal to speak for a society and a country that has been independent for many years,” Tugendhat said.

  Zac Goldsmith and Stephen Doughty also welcomed move, describing it as an important issue.

Both lawmakers pledged they would push the move.

TUNPO in a statement posted on its Twitter account praised the UK Parliament’s debate on Somaliland’s recognition, emphasising Somaliland deserved recognition. 

“Today, Gavin Williamson will lead a debate on the broader issue of Somaliland’s recognition, this secure and stable country, deserves a chance.” .

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