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Shabaab attacks government position in Hilowle Gaab

Mogadishu January 06, 2023 (SD) – A battle between government forces aided by local people and Al-Shabaab broke out this morning in the Hilowle Gaab area of the Middle Shabelle region.

The fighting started when Al-Shabaab forces reportedly launched a bomb attack on the positions of the government forces stationed in the Hilowle Gaab area.

Daud Haji Cirro the spokesperson for the central Shabelle region, said that government forces and local militias were able to repel the attack, but acknowledged that several senior military officials and soldiers from the government’s forces had died in the fighting today.

On the other hand, Abdiasis Abu Musab, the spokesperson for Al-Shabaab operations claimed that they destroyed the government troop’s positions in the area and captured the equipment and vehicles that were left behind.

Government and local forces took control of the region located on the border between Middle Shabelle and Galgaduud from Al Shabaab weeks ago, which is

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