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Shabab claims responsibility for a man killed inside Galkayo mosque

Galkayo (SD) – Reports from Galkayo confirm that a young man who was shot dead inside a mosque in north Galkayo last night, was targeted for alleged ties to Puntland’s security service.

The man, identified as Said Jama Mohamed (Said Maradona), was shot dead by gunmen inside Abu Hurayra Mosque in Israac.

The victim was one of the youths working as a taxi driver between Galkayo and Garowe.

Al-Shabaab has issued an statement on a killing that took place last night at the mosque in the Israac neighborhood of north Galkayo.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the killing, accusing him of being a member of the Puntland government’s intelligence service.

Al-Shabaab also claimed that the late Said Maradona assisted in a raid by Puntland forces on religious figures, who were arrested in Galkayo.

Security forces have arrested several people in connection with the killings in Galkayo.

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