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Sheikh Fu’ad Shongole dismisses rumors of his death

MOGADISHU (SD) – Sheikh Fu’ad Mohamed Khalaf (Shongole), one of the top leaders of Al-Shabaab, spoke about the latest battles between Al Shabaab militants and the Liyu Police in the Somali regional government.

He said that the recent wars between Al Shabaab and the Liyu police and the Ethiopian federal forces were successful.

Sheikh Fu’ad also dismissed the news of his killing and other Al Shabaab leaders in Aato battle, spread by the Ethiopian government.

“I am alive and speaking to Muslims, and I am telling Muslims that we are alive and we have honor. I am alive and healthy,” said Fu’ad Shangole.

Shongole added that they will continue to target Liyuu Police militias whom he described as the weakest of the Somali militias, religiously and culturally.

The head of Ethiopian intelligence, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew, recently told the Ethiopian News Agency that they have killed three leaders of Al-Shabaab, namely Fu’ad Shangole, Abu Musab and Obeida Noor Isse.

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