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SNA Forces join Tribal conflict in Gedo region

LUQ (SD) -A fierce conflict between two clan militias residing in the Luq district of the Gedo region reignited this morning, following a violent clash that occurred in parts of the district yesterday.

The battle this morning in Luuq involves government troops and forces from the Jubbaland administration, who are reported to have taken sides with the warring clan militias.

Most of the residents of Luuq are fleeing the district, with heavy gunfire heard within the town as the two militias, receiving different reinforcements, exchange fire.

The governor of the Gedo region, Abdullahi Abdi Jama Shimbir, stated that the ongoing conflict in Luuq is rooted in tribal issues, noting that the fighting that began yesterday and continues today has resulted in significant casualties, including deaths and injuries.

The governor mentioned that national army troops have joined the conflict, indicating that they have now taken sides with the two opposing clan militias involved in yesterday’s clash.

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