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SNA kills 7 Militants in central Somalia

MUQDISHU (SD)-The Somali National Army provided details about a planned operation they conducted in the Ali Adhole area, approximately 33 kilometers north of El-dher district in Galgadud region.

Major General Mohamed Dhega Weyne, the Commander of the 24th Brigade of the Somali National Army, gave a brief statement to the press, stating that the operation resulted in the killing of up to 7 members of Al-Shabaab.

General Dhega Weyne also mentioned that the operation targeted Al-Shabaab militants who were involved in disruptive activities in the area of Ali Cadhole, located approximately 33 kilometers north of Ceeldheer district in Galgaduud region.

Major General Mohamed Dhega Wayne emphasized that their forces, in collaboration with ATMIS troops in the region, successfully carried out the planned operation aimed at combating terrorism.

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