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SNA seized fuel believed to be intended for the Al-Shabab

HARADHERE (SD) -Somali military forces, particularly the Danab and Gorgor commandos, have seized fuel believed to be intended for the Al-Shabaab group in areas of Mudug region.

The operation conducted jointly by government forces and local militias in the outskirts of Harar Dheere district led to the capture of 150 barrels of fuel, suspected to be illicitly transported. The seized fuel was reportedly intended to be clandestinely delivered to designated locations.

Additionally, government forces apprehended two individuals accused of trafficking the intercepted fuel, allegedly destined for Al-Shabaab militants engaged in ongoing conflicts against government troops.

Al-Shabaab insurgents have been known to traffic various contraband goods, including weapons, drugs, and other supplies, across the coastal areas they control, spanning the districts of Harardheere and Ceeldheer in the Galgaduud and Mudug regions.

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