Somalia: South-West Troops route-out AS in Bay and Bakol

BAIDOA (SD)-Various reports are emerging about a planned military operation carried out today by the Somali National Army in the regions of Bay and Bakol, targeting mountainous areas and rural locations.

The operation was led by the deputy commander of the 8th Brigade of the 47th Division, Uune Guudle Abdirahman, who stated that they had liberated areas where militants affiliated with Al-Shabaab were believed to be present.

Additionally, the press release from the Feds indicated that several facilities belonging to the group in the area had been destroyed, with preparations underway to root out any remaining militants.

On the other hand, there has been no official statement from Al-Shabaab regarding this operation by the Somali federal government forces.

Southwest State forces are currently experiencing intensified clashes with Al-Shabaab militants, with efforts being made to neutralize the group’s influence in the region as a whole.

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