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Social Media activist Arraigned in Hargeisa Court

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdiwahab Osman (Unity), a famous social media personality from Borama , who was detained in Hargeisa for more than 40 days, was arraigned in Marodi-Jeh regional court today.

Abdiwahab Osman (Unity) is accused of spreading false propaganda against the Somaliland military, according to the prosecution.

Sources familiar with his post on social media say he merely exposed the unfair distribution of ranks among the Somaliland military officials.

The social influencer was taken into custody in Borama and could have been tried and charged there, its suspect that he wasn’t, according to freedom of speech activists in Borama.

The social media activist’s court hearings were postponed to Thursday, the court declined to explain the reasons for the delay.

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