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Somali American businessman tortured before death – postmortem

NAIROBI (SD) – The government of Kenya announced that it conducted postmortem on body of Somali-American businessman Bashir Mohamud barely a day after his body found in a hospital just 200km away from Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Mohamud’s body was on Sunday night transported to Nairobi. The body will then be released to the family for burial in accordance with Islamic rites.

Officials said the body arrived at the Umash Funeral Home at about midnight and Chief Government Pathologist is slated to conduct the autopsy on Monday morning.

Bashir’s body was first found on the banks of River Nyamindi, Kirinyaga County on May 16, three days after he went missing from Lavington.

Kenya’s Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor has confirmed that he conducted postmortem.

According to Oduor, the 36-year-old Somali-American’s body also showed signs of torture, including multiple blunt object hits on the head and burn wounds.

The burn wounds were round suggesting they were inflicted using a car lighter.

There were also torture signs in the legs and toes.

Family lawyers said they will request the office of the DPP to institute an inquest probe to determine the circumstances of his death

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