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Kulmiye party held campaign rallies in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s ruling party, Kulmiye, has today staged rallies in the regions and districts of Somaliland, the second day of the election campaign.

Fans driving cars with party flags and pictures of candidates and sing Kulmiye’s popular songs, took to the streets of Hargeisa in the evening.

Kulmiye party candidates and their supporters gathered at the Freedom Park in Hargeisa where the President of Somaliland and the chairman of Kulmiye party Muse Bihi Abdi spoke.

Speaking at a multi-faceted event in the capital, Hargeisa, the president said the remaining and final candidates had won, claiming that his party had selected trustworthy people.

“All the candidates we have nominated today are people we have examined and we have chosen to trust our country,” he said.

The president said none of the people of Somaliland will not be lose but will win together.

“Today all of Somaliland is are winners, Somaliland’s enemies are the losers, Somaliland has taken a step forward. this is the 7th election in which Somaliland will vote for peace and for development,” he said.

The president of Somaliland and the leaders of the Kulmiye party then headed to Gabiley, where they gathered with supporters and candidates in Gabiley.

It is the first day of the Kulmiye party’s election campaign and there is one more day left as each party is given two days to complete its campaign activities.

Somaliland will hold it’s long delayed local council and parliamentary elections on March 31st.

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