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Somali Commander killed in a suicide attack in Hawadley

Muqdisho January 17, 2023 (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants launched a major attack early this morning on a military base of the Somali National Army in the Hawadley area in the Middle Shabelle region.

The attack began with suicide bombings and resulted in significant casualties among the Somali military and Al-Shabaab fighters.

The commander of the Somali National Army, General Odawaa Yusuf Rage, confirmed that the attack on the Hawadley base resulted in the death of five soldiers, including the commander of the 3rd Battalion, 27th Brigade of the Somali National Army, Brigadier General Abshir Mohamud Mohammed (Shataqey).

He also stated that 21 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the battle.

General Odawaa vowed that the operation to pursue the remaining Al-Shabaab fighters is ongoing.

It seems that the Somali military is struggling with how to deal with these types of attacks, which often begin with suicide bombings and result in a large number of casualties, as well as the seizure of weapons and equipment by the militants.

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