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Somali Federal Minister Delivers Medical Supplies to Togdheer, Somaliland

Buhodle (SD) – The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdullahi Bidan Warsame with a large delegation departed this morning from Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport, delivering medical supplies for the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 to Buhodle.

A delegation led by the Somali Federal Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Abdullahi Bidan Warsame are visiting Buholde in Togdheer region, in Somaliland.

The Minister who spoke to the media at Buhodle airport, said that they were there to assess the regions health conditions and other issues.

Buhodle authorities and sections of the community welcomed the Federal Minister and his delegation upon arrival.

The Somali government is working to control the pandemic across the country by delivering medical supplies to the country’s regions.

The Federal Minister’s visit to Buhodle arrives at a day when Somaliland is celebrating its independence from Somalia, in an effort to score political points.

The Somaliland Government didn’t respond to the Federal Minister’s visit to Buhodle, as it could be seen as a political provocation in a region that have been destabilized by political violence before.

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