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Somali forces destroy al-shabaab base

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali forces has destroyed base al-Shabaab base following security operations in Lower Shabelle region on Friday, a military official confirmed.

Ahmed Abdullahi Nur aka Ber-yare, the commander of 16th battalion of Somalia’s Dahab commandos told that Somali elite forces stormed militant base in Torotorow town.

“Acting on a military intelligence reports, the forces attacked base prompting fierce a clash with al-Shabaab fighters but it ended in just few minutes after the militants fled,” he said.

The official confirmed that the forces detonated explosives suspected to have been destined for the capital Mogadishu.

“The militants were busy assembling explosive at the time of the raid. After took over the base, we destroyed VBIED,” the commander said.

Somali military has intensified operations against al-Shabaab al-Shabaab militants ahead of the country long-waited elections.

Last week, Al-Shabaab vowed to disrupt the elections, warning the public against participating in the elections.

The group has been fighting to topple Somali government for the last one decade but weakened following joint operations by Somali and AU troops.

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