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Somali Government denies its army fighting in Tigray region

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Information Minister Osman Dubbe speaking to SNTV last night dismissed reports that Somali troops who were previously trained in Eritrea were fighting in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia.

The Somali Information minister Osman Abukar Dubbe, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia, said the reports were fabricated by the opposition.

“There are no Somali forces in the Somali National Army who have fought in northern Ethiopia and the Tigrean region, and there is no reason for it to happen, and no one has requested for them,” he said in a televised rebuke.

Minister Dubbe pointed out that those who spread such propaganda are opposed to Somalia having a strong and secure army.

“The false rumors that Somali forces have fought in northern Ethiopia in Tigray are baseless,” he said.

The Minister of Information’s remarks came as concerns have been raised by relatives of the soldiers have not been informed of their well beings in recent times, as rumours of their involvement in the Ethiopian civil war.

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