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Somali government officers and soldiers killed in attack on outskirts of Afgoye

Afgoye (SD) – Reports from Afgoye district indicate twelve soldiers and officers from the Somali National Army have been killed in the outskirts of Afgoye district in Lower Shabelle region.

Major Abdulla Ali Mire, commander of the 54th Brigade, 7th Battalion, 60th Division of the Somali National Army, who led the attacked army, and another officer were among those killed.

The attacked soldiers left Afgoye district and were on their way to rescue another army that left Warmahan village who were under attack in Lower Shabelle region.

The bodies and wounded of the attack on the Somali military have been taken to hospitals in Mogadishu tonight.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement saying it had killed 25 soldiers and officers, but there are no independent reports that confirm their claims.

Locals reported that sporadic gunfire can still be heard between Al-Shabaab and Somali government forces tonight.

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