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Somali government spokesperson elected as member of parliament

BELEDWEYNE (SD) – The Somali Federal PM Mohamed Hussein Roble congratulated the Speaker of the Federal Parliament Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu who secured a Parliamentary seat today.

“Moalimuu worked in the country in multiple professions, at different times and endured difficult circumstances. I do not think there is anyone who deserves more to be honored today and to be a Member of Parliament. Moalimuu has been injured 5 times. I thank the people who elected him and the people of Somalia who stood by him. ” said MP Roble.

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, the spokesman of the federal government of Somalia won seat Hop#068 in Beledweyne today.

Hassan Abdiaziz who challenged Moalimuu for the HOP68 seat, forfeited prior to the elections taking place.

Mohamed Moalimuu got 92 votes from the delegates voting today in Beledweyne, and Hirshabelle Electoral Commission announced Moalimuu as the winner.

Moalimuu, has recently returned to Mogadishu from Turkey, where he was being treated for his injuries sustained at a targeted Mogadishu bomb attack in January 2022.

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