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Somalia’s Embassy Charcoal Exports Conference Held in Nairobi

NAIROBI (SD) – The Somali federal government attended a meeting between governments and the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya, on the issue of stopping the export of charcoal.

The Somali embassy in Kenya hosted the conference, and were attended by Gulf States, East African and United Nations development and environmental agencies.

Officials from the Federal Government of Somalia addressed the conference and emphasising that it was illegal export charcoal.

Also, the conference focused on the environmental damage caused by deforestation and the resulting problems and ways to prevent it.

Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Mahmoud Ahmed Nur Tarsan said all the countries present at the conference highlighted the importance of helping Somalia stop exporting charcoal.

Somalia is one of the main exporters of charcoal and despite the government and the United Nations banning the practice.

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