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Somali Government Warns Traders in Price Gauging

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali federal minister of commerce and industry Abdullahi Ali Hassan has issued a stern warning to Somali traders by increasing pricing of the basic items during this epidemic difficult condition.

The minister cautioned that rigorous action will be taken as per the law for those who take advantage of the economic conditions resulted by the global health crisis created by Coronavirus.

On 15th April, Somalia government has reduced taxation goods include rice, dates, flour and oil relieved for a tax of 50% out of 100% to maintain the cost of living in the country detecting measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Finance minister of the federal government has previously announced tax exception on basic items imported into the country to remove the economic burden on the citizens during the COVID 19 crisis.

The call comes as residents mainly in the capital Mogadishu experience doubled prices on items such as hygiene and sanitizers due to the Coronavirus scare.

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