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Somali man sentenced to 12 years for stabbing a man

Newcastle (SD) – A court in Newcastle, UK, has sentenced a Somali national to life in prison for stabbing a man to death.

The 29-year-old Somali man, Ibrahim Abdullahi was convicted of stabbing Lanush Alija to death in November last year during a fight on Hutton Road in Sunderland.

Witnesses told the court that Ibrahim stabbed and wounded the victim while fighting, Ibrahim’s his lawyers failed to disprove the eye witnesses account.

The court had also heard that Mr. Alija had survived the injuries through “sheer luck”, but Abdillahi repeatedly denied he was the knifeman.

The pair, who had been at the same immigration detention center in 2016, had initially been fighting with their fists, but Abdillahi produced a weapon.

The court sentenced him to 12 years in prison, and Ibrahim has the right to appeal the sentence, which could see him released after several years in prison.

Somali youth in the Diaspora often fight and kill each other, its rare they fight with others.

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