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Journalist Abdulkadir Dulyar arrested in Beledweyne

Beledweyne (SD) – Police in Beledweyne have arrested journalist Abdikadir Farah Dulyar tonight, after a day of arriving in that city for work.

The arrest of the journalist came just hours after he posted on his Facebook page part of an interview with General Abukar Hud on the outskirts of Beledweyne.

In the interview, General Huud said that he came from abroad to save the lives of the people of Hiran and that they were controlled by what he described as “bloodthirsty people.”

The General added that the reason he went back to Hiiraan was to teach people that they lacked basic rights.

Hiiraan and Hirshabelle regional administrations who are suspected of ordering the journalist arrest have not yet commented on the journalist’s arrest.

Somali media organizations and journalists have called on the Hirshabelle administration to release Dulyar unconditionally as he has not committed any crime.

Somali journalists face Killings, arrests and constant harassment from both Al Shabab and governmental authorities in their daily work.

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