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Somali MPs injured in a suicide attack

Mogadishu September 15, 2023 (SD) – A car explosion targeted government officials, in which several people were killed and injured in the Laas Gacamey village, located between the towns of Wisil and Ba’adweyne in Mudug region.

Residents of Wisil told local media that the explosion was significant and occurred in a place where officials from the Galmudug government, military personnel, and members of Somalia’s parliament were gathered.

The Commander of the Galmudug Forces, General Mohamed Nur Ali Gadaar, confirmed the deaths of Galmudug government headquarters guards and other military personnel. General Gadaar also mentioned that Galmudug President, MP Abdikarim Qeybdid, MP Dhabancad, and other officials present in the Laas Gacamey area were unharmed but suffered injuries in the car blast.

Senator Abdikarim Qaybdiid sustained injuries due to falling debris from a nearby building that collapsed.

Additionally, MP Dhabancad reported that a car bomb attack occurred near their location yesterday.

He also mentioned that the injuries he sustained were minor, as the house they were in partly collapsed, and the building materials caused some injuries.

The Somali security forces have thwarted a car explosion targeting officials in the vicinity of Laas Gacamey, near the city of Ba’adweyne in the Mudug region, where officials led by President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoor-Qoor were present,” according to a statement issued by the Somali government.

As reported by the National Television SNTV, two of the government troops were injured during the operation to secure the area.

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