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Somali National Army conducts operation against Al-Shabaab in Hiran

Baledweyn (SD) – The officers of the 27th Division of the Somali National Army operating in Hiran region confirmed that yesterday afternoon attacked Al-Shabaab base on the outskirts of Mahas district.

Officials leading the operation said they were made aware of al-Shabaab planned attacks, and that there was heavy fighting between Al-Shabaab and government forces.

The fighting took place in a village called Qulaale between Ali-Ganey and Mahas districts in Hiran region, killing seven militants, according to officials.

The officials also said that they Al-Shabaab vehicles and bases in the village, but declined to comment on the casualties.

The Armed Forces told the media that they are conducting operations to eradicate the remnants of Al-Shabaab militants.

Al-Shabaab fighters, who are strong in the central and southern regions of the country, often attack government bases.

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