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Somali national team to face Zimbabwe in Harare

Harare(SD)-The Somali national team won a historic victory over Zimbabwe in the first leg of the FIFA World Cup in Djibouti, and is now heading to the town of Zimbabwe.

Ocean stars today head to Zinbabwe, Harare, and play the second leg of their World Cup qualifier.

Director of Somali National Agency for Migration and Citizenship Col: Mohamed Adam Jimale Kofi In a statement posted on his Facebook page said that he has great confidence in our team that another historic victory in the second leg.

“Football is black and white and we have great confidence in the Somali National Team for the brave defense of the flag,” said. Col: Mohamed Adam Jimale.

The Somali national football team beat Zimbabwe 1-0 on Sunday in the first qualifier match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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