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Proff Abdi Ali Jama Rejects Unlawful Ban of Hadhwanaag and the closer Horyal24tv

Hargeisa(SD)-Proff Abdi Ali Jama termed unlawful the ban by President Muse Bihi’s government on Hadhwanaagnews network and the Horyaal24tv cable station in Hargeisa.

Proff Abdi Ali Jama called on the judiciary to reject the government’s actions to shut down media organizations without paying damages.

“You do not get both, an arrest before conviction and no restitution; Allah it is Justice Day!, we except that the media can make mistakes, but normally, as per the press law, the government should bring a lawsuit against the Newspaper or TV it considers broke the law without closing the business or the owners. If does happen though, the judiciary should teach a lesson to the government and have them pay, as not to have the government not shutting down a citizen’s business.” said Proff Abdi Ali Jama.

Proff Abdi Ali Jama concluded that the Somaliland government should seek a legal solution rather than just shutting down the media outlets.   

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