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Somali Political Forum warns against postponement of 2020 election

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Somali National Party Forum has warned against in delaying the Somali Federal elections, in a statement released today.

“The current government is hindering the implementation of the multi-party system, and it is interfering with the two-party committee in drafting laws that will complement the national election law.” Said the statement.

The Somali National Forum continued “The elections of the Federal Government of Somalia should take place on time and there should be no further extension. Elections must be free, fair and transparent”.

The Forum also called on the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States to allocate funds for the upcoming elections, which is not include in the 2020 budget allocation.

The Somali National Party Forum also demanded that political stakeholders, including the Federal Government, Regional State Governments, political parties and civil society organizations work together to create a stable environment in which to conduct a successful elections.

The war ravaged country is posed to have what seems impossible to many including donors a free one person one vote within a year.

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