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Somali Presidential candidate Abdirizak Waberi, under investigation in Sweden

Mogadishu (SD) – The Swedish government has revoked the citizenship and passport of the former head of the Swedish Muslim School, Abdirizak Waberi, who is currently running for the presidency of Somalia and is the chairman of the National Unity Party.

Abdirizak Waberi have been accused of embezzling millions of Swedish kronor by Swedish authorities, which he is alleged to have invested in political and Islamist organizations inside Somalia.

Abdirizak, a former member of the Swedish parliament and head of the Muslim Römosse School in Gothenburg, is under investigation for embezzling 13 million Swedish kronor (£1.1 million/1.5 million US dollars), according to chief prosecutor Henric Fagher.

“Some of it goes to his hotel and travel expenses abroad, a large part goes to two Somali organisations. One is said to be a relief organisation, the other a political party,” prosecutor Fagher told local media.

The Muslim Römosse School in Gothenburg has now closed due to misappropriation of it’s operating funds.

Investigations of Abdirizak Waberi’s financial activities revealed that he had transferred cash to various people in Somalia.

Abdirizak Waberi denied that he had embezzled the money, and described the allegations as being perpetrated by people with vested interests.

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